Social Psych Lab

Lab Members (in alphabetical order)

Cansu Yılmaz
PhD Student (METU)

Research Interests
- Status quo preference in mate selection decisions

Deniz Bayraktaroğlu
PhD student (Bilkent)

Research Interests
- Relationship functioning and maintenance over time

Öykü Çiftçi
Master's Student (Bilkent)

Research Interests
- Language style matching in getting acquainted interactions

Lab Alumni

Betül Urgancı
PhD Student (Cornell University)

Sümeyra Yalçıntaş
PhD Student (University of Sussex)

Senior Thesis Students

Research Assistants

Zozan Ayluçtarhan
İrem Giray
İrem İzgördü
Hale Kayıklık
Egenaz Kiraz
Gülşah Kurtar
İrem Özsoy
Ezgi Taşyürek
Ceyda Yenerkol
Berfin Erenler
Övgün Ses
Ezel Sürücü

To volunteer to work as a research assistant please fill out this form and send to gulgunaydin [at] bilkent [dot] edu [dot] tr. We will contact you if a position that fits your background and interests becomes available.

If you're interested in completing our studies as a participant, you may contact Deniz Bayraktaroğlu at deniz_b[at] to learn about ongoing studies in our lab. Below you may also find websites where you can participate in online research studies conducted by other researchers.